If you haven’t read him, you should

gough whitlam and aboriginal elder
Gough Whitlam truly had greatness.

Within a the space of a few short years of his leadership, he gave Australia the following: Universal healthcare, free college education, no-fault divorce, racial discrimination laws, land rights for Aboriginal people, the National Art Gallery in Canberra, established diplomatic relations with china and brought the troops home, finally ending Australia’s involvement in that mess called Vietnam.

No Prime Minister before him or since can even come close to a record of achievement like that.Whitlam was a character in the true Australian sense of the word. He related to the battler, the little guy and he understood the needs of working families. While others talked about it, Whitlam did it.

Australians of every generation that has followed owe a debt to the former member for Werriwa. May we never forget his legacy and may it stand for future generations. Goodbye old mate, thank you for all you did.

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