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There are questions we should be asking about the level of surveillance in our lives. I think what gets me about the NSA eavesdropping is the extent to which nobody cares. Every other day there's a new Snowden leak and we all just stare into our phones or play on our Facebook as though it's happening to someone else. At what point do we stop and take a reality check?
Secretly… secretly, we all know, we  to. We know that when they say that they are not spying on American citizens, we are being lied to. The government of the United States is on an obsessive mission to gather as much information about individual Americans as it possibly can and that should raise some questions in the public mind. Is it a good thing? Does it protect us from the bad guys? Should we only fear surveillance when we’ve done something wrong?
These are all valid questions and it’s fair to debate them but it should be done in a transparent way and not behind the secretive doors of a nanny state that thinks it knows best. This is a bipartisan issue if ever there was one. It’s time to stop being distracted and force the issue into the public arena by showing that we think it’s important. The only limits for them now are the technology and that needs to change.

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