If you haven’t read him, you should

Since Darlinghurst Road was published, I've suffered my share of criticism as all writers do. Some of it fair and some not so much but that's the job of writing and sometimes it requires a thick skin. Mostly though, reviews have been enthusiastic and personal mail has been from people who have enjoyed the book.

I received an email around three months ago, one of many and I almost missed it because it went to my junk folder. I make it my practice to read all my emails because I take the position that if someone takes the time to write then they have something to say. As the intended audience, it's nothing less than common courtesy that I also take the time to read it. The email that I refer to was from the sister of someone featured in the book and it took me by surprise.

She identified herself and reminded me that we'd met briefly many years ago. There was no praise at first, no criticism, just a need to reach out. The letter ended by saying: "Darlinghurst Road is a good book."
It's been a year since the release of Darlinghurst Road and sales have been steady. Amazon has been a pleasure to work with and I still get a little flutter of excitement when I see the monthly sales chart. Someone somewhere is reading my book, words that I wrote, the product of my mind. It's good for the ego and it's good for the soul. I'll have other books in the future and other writing projects but the publishing of Darlinghurst Road will always stand out as the day that I went from being a writer to an author. Happy Birthday old girl!

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