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GMO Corn

GMO food labeling is in the news yet again. It's interesting to me how the argument always seem to come around to labeling of GMO foods and the worry about are they safe to eat. For me, honestly, I don't care!

That's a statement and a half isn't it? It's true. I don't care if the vegetable or piece of fruit on my plate has been genetically modified because I don't automatically buy into the whole Frankenfood thing as being unhealthy.

I'm not a scientist but my limited knowledge of nutrition and an ounce of common sense suggests to me that eating a tomato that has been modified with a celery gene for some reason will probably not hurt me. Once it's consumed, it will be digested and broken down into its various nutritional components just like any other food because that's what our bodies do. If a crop is genetically modified to use less water or to be more colorful in the store then so be it because as I said, I don't care so therefore it follows that labeling is kind of a non-issue for me in that regard.

But here comes the kicker and the reason why I'm about to do a one hundred and eighty degree about face and say that I fully support labeling of GMO foods because the reality is, that this is not about genetically modified foods. Monsanto and their supporters want you to think that it is because like any good spin doctor, they probably have a truckload of internal reports and scientific data that can be trotted out on cue to support their contention that GMO's do no harm when ingested by the human body.

My opposition to them is plain and simple: Monsanto is not spending millions of dollars on genetic modification purely for the benefit of the community; it is doing it to make even more millions selling Roundup herbicide to the legions of under-educated farmers who have bought into their sales pitch of higher yields for less work. Try a quick web search for “does Roundup increase yield” and make up your own mind as to whether Monsanto is to be believed.

Bottom line is that I oppose Monsanto’s genetic tampering because it results in my family and I having to eat food that has been literally soaked over and over again in a broad spectrum herbicide that kills just about anything green that it comes in contact with! The plant cannot distinguish between untainted water and Roundup mixed in water so it drinks it in to the very innards of the fruit or vegetable. They say it’s safe for human consumption but personally, I think that like any other consumer product, I should be allowed to make an informed choice on what I spend my money on. No labeling means no choice for the consumer and that’s just plain wrong!

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