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Ford Motor Company recently announced that they will no longer manufacture cars in Australia. The job losses are in the thousands and more than that, something very Australian has been lost: the iconic Ford Falcon family of cars.
There’s no blame to be directed at the company, not really; Ford is a great brand with a solid product but the walls of overseas competition were closing in and it reached the stage of literally having to sink or swim. This was a business decision plain and simple and one that I’m sure the Ford executives agonized over before announcing it to the public. In the years to come, despite all the talk about looking forward to the future, Ford will be gone from Australia just as others have gone before them. It takes money to run a business and if it wasn’t profitable in the past then why, given the same circumstances would it be in the future?
Ford has produced cars in Australia continually for almost 90 years, starting in 1925 with the Model T. Think about the history in that? Think of what's been lost. For generations, Ford Australia produced cars that were uniquely Australian, designed and built for Australian roads and conditions. I've owned Falcons, driven them professionally, worked on every part of them, grazed my knuckles overhauling their engines and have so many memories of Aussie Fords that it broke my heart when I heard the news.
There will be plenty of people who hear about Ford and think that the job losses are terrible but will shrug their shoulders at everything else. We’ve reached the stage (and it happened very quickly) that people don’t care where their products come from. There’s a dollar store on every corner and a Walmart down the street filled with shoppers sending their money overseas with every item scanned. It’s all about the price and of course it is but every one of those dollars not spent here is costing jobs. What is not being understood is that this story is not just about Ford, it is also about the company that YOU work for.
America is in exactly the same position as Australia, Europe and every other country that isn’t China but we’re too wrapped up in our own little world to realize it. The America market is bigger of course but our millions are nothing compared to China’s billions. India is another huge market that like China didn’t exist until a generation ago. Both countries have an increasingly wealthy middle class that is exploding and we become less important every day because in time, they will become mass consumers of their own products just as we were in the years following World War Two.
When that happens, when their demand begins to balance their supply, exports become less lucrative and those cheap Chinese products will start to become more sophisticated and more expensive. At that point, we have to look to our own resources once again but the knowledge, the skills of people in manufacturing today will have been lost and we will be at the mercy of those who see us as nothing more than pitiful imitation of something that once was; a place to buy cheap property and shelter from the Tax Man at home.
It doesn’t have to be this way folks, turn off the sports channel and look around you. If you're live in Australia, buy Australian, if you're in America then buy American; buy whatever you can that keeps your neighbor in a job. Understand this principle and force into your head: every time you buy a foreign product you are selling out your country – yes it is that serious and it really does matter. When you call a big company, that person you are speaking to on the phone really is in India and because of that, a person here is unemployed. Don’t deal with companies who think that that’s acceptable; don’t buy from stores that predominantly sell Chinese goods and don’t support politicians who think that these companies are still the good guys.
It’s Ford Australia today but it might be your job tomorrow. Think that sounds dramatic? How much warning do you think those workers had? Do these big companies ever give their workers warning before bringing down the axe? Of course not because it would affect their stock prices and make a bad situation for them even worse. Keep yourself in a job and help your company to stay profitable by spending your dollars at home. It might be the last chance we have.

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