If you haven’t read him, you should

person holding ereader

I crossed over to the dark side a while back and bought myself an e-reader. When I played with it that first night, I had one of those why did I fight you for so long moments. My book was published as eBook yet still I resisted and now, looking back, I'm really not sure why.
A few days later, firmly sold on the idea, l committed an act that I would once have thought almost sacrilegious. I cleaned off my bookshelf—my beloved Agatha Christie and John le CarrĂ©—and bundled them off to my local thrift store. An act that once would have been heartbreaking now felt liberating. I was freeing myself of baggage.
Now, my library is in my hand. I have more books on my little memory card than I ever had on the shelf and I'm rediscovering the joy of reading. I’m glad that I finally made the move to the modern world!

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