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As a writer, all sorts of crazy things pop into my head at unexpected times. I see a funny situation happen in front of me and my inner voice will say: there's a book in that.
The odds are of course, that it wasn't even a paragraph, but that's just how my mind works. Ideas come and go at unexpected times so I try to make notes but still, more ideas end up in the mental trash can than make it to an article or book. Even those thoughts that do make it to paper or keyboard often end up doing a complete turnaround before publication. In fact, Darlinghurst Road went through many incarnations before it became the book that people are reading today. The book may have changed over time but the finished product is one that I'm proud of.
The other thing that I'm proud is that I did it. Those ideas became a reality because I went for it! After years of thinking about writing a book, I sat down and started to write. When the book was finished and it was time to start sending it out, I suddenly became self-conscious about my work. For some strange reason, I was worried about people judging me for what I wrote. The only opinion that truly mattered was my own because it was my name on the cover. My point is, I'm glad that I published.
The idea for this post came from a conversation that I had recently. A lady made a comment that her workplace was so crazy she could write a book about it. When I told her that she should go for it, her reply was an embarrassed look. I remember that feeling well.
My advice to anybody in that situation is to put aside your fears and just do it. Yes, I know, it's easy on the side coaching but there is only one way to find out if it's any good and that is ask someone to read your work. I remember my own hesitation about writing a book and putting myself on show to the world. Now it's written, published and Google probably knows more my life than I do. If you need to write, to express yourself with words then drag out that manuscript you started and read it with new eyes. Life is short, live your dream and be who you need to be.

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