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Today is my birthday. I’m not thrilled with the idea of another year older but it is what it is. When I think about how old I am, it shocks me.
I’m 49, the age I remember my father being; the age of slippers and responsibility.
Yesterday, in my mind, I was in a pub on Darlinghurst Road, enjoying a cold beer the morning after a night of flashing neon and cheap perfume. I close my eyes, hear the sobs of a woman, lonely and remote, crying for the childhood she never had. I smell the smoke of the barroom, cheap tobacco, mingled with stale alcohol, stinging my eyes as I light my own. The siren in the distance, police, or ambulance, I don’t know, heading in the direction of St. Vincent’s, the hospital of The Cross. Marty slaps me on the shoulder, telling me a story about his night shift at the club, downing his beer before the punch line. He shakes his head when I order another, Marty only ever has two, and I wish I had his discipline. A few more and I’m tired, tired of The Cross, and tired enough to go to bed.
The memory fades and I come back to the present day. My eyes open, and they start to mist a little, not from nostalgia or sentiment, but because I have a life today, so different to what it was then. I’m glad I wrote my book, to put the memories of Darlinghurst Road, in the museum where they belong.
I’m glad I’m 49, old enough and wise enough to appreciate that life is a one-way trip that needs to be enjoyed, every darn moment of it. I know that this has been an indulgent and rambling post, of no importance to anyone but me, but I can bend the rules, today is my birthday.

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