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soldier bergdahl

I've been reading the comments about Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier recently recovered from Afghanistan. Hometown parade cancelled, armchair generals calling him a coward, what a thing to come home to.
He volunteered to stand in front of bullets for this country.
Maybe he changed his mind or maybe he lost his nerve, maybe it’s the Republican’s seizing on anything to pull down their hated Obama, maybe we’ll never know.
Consider this though, since 2000, according to the Pentagon, 40,000 troops from all branches of the military have deserted. More than half of these served in the US Army. Why pick on this guy? He didn't take out his aggression by raping a female soldier or grabbing a gun and shooting up his barracks, he went AWOL and got himself picked up by the enemy. That was a pleasant experience I'm sure. Does anyone really think that those first few years were paradise?
Do we really think that the Taliban took him at his word when he said that he wandered out into the desert, near their lines, because he needed time to think? Did they interrogate him with their fists until they became convinced that he was telling the truth? So what if he did end playing cards with them and speaking their language, five years with no thought of ever getting out of there, think about how that would affect you!
Think you'd be the big tough guy you expected him to be? Sticking up your middle finger and telling the Taliban to go screw themselves in one great last act of defiance? I bet you wouldn’t, I bet after five years you'd think that nobody was coming to rescue you and you'd adapt to survive just as he did. Where is our humanity, our empathy for another human being? What gives us the right to judge, to condemn someone that we've never met? Where is our decency, what have we become?

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